She was always coming after midnight,
As we say “midnight’s summer dream”
By licking the slot of my dreams
And breaking the heart of my scruples
Until the moral conquering of the dawn

She was always leaving a kiss by the window
To hide the rainy days and mislead my eyes
That’s how she used to withhold the answers
That’s how I used to walk alone as a lonely
Traveler who wants to discover the virgin
Lands of her naked and palpitating body

Now she’s gone and I know that I failed
Sorrow’s whispering in my ears and my eyes
Can see the ashy clouds in the gloomy sky
And the smell of the worshipping flesh
Which is gone, is all around the world

Oh, sacred dawn, what a fool I was
I would rather choose the dry nights without her
But I didn’t know how carnivorous love can be

All those wet moons of passion and danger
Are guilty of her absence, and she is guilty
Of my irrevocable, nightly murder

Angie K.

from the collection "Immaculate Fetish"

photo : Jan Saudek "Tango Nr. 2", 2003 (chromatically different)