The Triumph of Chastity

A thousand worlds I’ve brushed aside,
no father’s face like mine’s lilts glare;
meseems thy havens heard my blare!
Sith life I’ve owed, I’ll die as he died.
And twixt days of present ‘n’ days of past,
whitherward shall the future stare,
all taken guesses in despair err!
Unknown or known, hath been bypassed.

My veins weep for what thine deny, cause if
I’m what I own or what I owe,
then who is deemed to be my foe,
and point his finger at my stiff?

For I’m all brothers who may supplant;
I swear off God, on these tombstones below,
whence I’ve been out and in, I kneel or woe.
Shall I be someone? No I shan’t.


Άι ιζ νόουλετζ οφ ίνγκλις όνλι χάου μπου γιου μπου
Σο ατ λιστ άι τράιντ