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Hans Weiditz - Illustration to Cicero, ‘Officia’, Augsburg, 1531.

Ivan Kramskoy - Somnambulant

Jean Jacques Henner

Jillian Tamaki

Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Elder - Woman at a Spinet [ca. 1753]

John British Dixon; An Incantation, 1773.

John Currin - Thanksgiving (2003)

John Duncan 1866-1945, Scottish Symbolist painter

Joshua Anderson Hague - Ashford Old Mill
Francis Bacon, Man with Dog, 1953

Francisco De Goya - Cannibals preparing their victems

Frans Hens

Franz von Bayros - Venus

Frits Van den Berghe

George Goodwin Kilburne - A young woman at a piano [1880]

Giovanni Baglione (circa 1566 - 1643) - Apollo, 1620

Gotthardt de Wedig - The Family of Christoph Wintzler [1616]

Graveyard Near the Sea Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl ca 1889

Hans Weiditz - Illustration to Cicero, ‘Officia’, Augsburg, 1531
Cupid and Psyche, Edvard Munch

Dan Hillier

Dario Puggioni

Delphin Enjolras - By the piano

Dieric Bouts

Edwin Mostyn

Enrique Miralles Darmanin - Travelling musicians in the snow

Ernest Higgins Rigg - Portrait of the artist’s daughter at the piano
Antoine Wiertz, Satan, 1840

Antoine Wiertz, Une scène de l’enfer (A scene from Hell), 1864

Arthur Adams - The Queen

At the Moulin Rouge Two Women Waltzing (1892) Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Auguste Rodin, The Embrace

Bartolomeo Manfredi - Apollo and Marsyas

Beatrice Addressing Dante, William Blake, 1824-7

Botticelli’s Lucifer

Christian Schloe
(Mademoiselle Professeur, je encontré une tete) Jan Mostaert

Anti-Catholic allegory depicting Bishop Stephen Gardiner, circa 1550-1556


Aleksandra Waliszewska

Alfons Mucha - Autumn

Alfred Kubin

Alfredo Edel, Black Butterfly, 1911

Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth
(“The Ides of March”, Edward John Poynter)

(Allegory of Victory by Louis Le Nain)

(Amos Nattini - Illustration for Dante's Inferno, Canto XXVI)

(Autumn Interlude by Charles Robinson)

 (Bunny Hop by Adela Leibowitz)

(Carl Gustaf Hellqvist)

(Ciurlionis, Mikalojus - Rex)

(Detail from The Crucifixion; The Last Judgment - Jan van Eyck, 1425-30)

(Erlkönig Julius Von Klever)

(George Mason, The Harvest Moon, 1872)

(Giovanni Paolo Gaspari - Capriccio Interior with Ruins)

(Hans Holbein - From his collection Dance of Death)

(Heavenly Body in the Night Sky - Albrecht Dürer)

(Innereuhr by Siegfried Zademack)

(Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres - study for Stratonice of Syria)

(Joseba Eskubi)

(Jürgen Ovens, Justice (detail))

(Lovis Corinth - Temptation of St Anthony)

(Male Nude, Adam Miller)

(Shuvankar Maitra)

(Siobhan McDonald)

(Snowy landscape, Maurice de Vlaminck)

(Thaw in the forest, Maurice de Vlaminck)

(The Antichrist by Luca Signorelli circa 1500)

(The Apotheosis of Hercules , by François Lemoyne)

(The Royal Prisoners by Charles West Cope)

(The Temple - Arild Rosenkrantz)

(Thomas Hooper, Black Albatross, 2010)

(Thomas Moran)

(Whirlwind of Lovers William Blake)

(Xavier-Alphonse Monchablon Terror)

(Yaroslav Gerzhedovich, Black Wings, 2012)

(Ridolfo Ghirlandaio (1483-1561) - Sua cuique persona, 1510)
(Leonardo Da Vinci)
(Claudio Di Mario - Cosm 3, 2012)

(De Gargantua - Gustave Doré)
(Giovanni Battista Crespi, il Cerano (1557 - 1632) - Still life)
(Wyatt Mills)

(Wyatt Mills)

(Wyatt Mills)
(Antonio Diaz - Boypools of Spine and God, 2007)
(Jean-Michel Basquiat - Glenn, 1984)
(Andrew Zhao - Impression of North West Qinghai, 2009)
(Erik Mansson)
("The Haunted Palace" from “The Bells and Other Poems” (1912) )

(Anthony Ackrill)

(Erich von Götha)

(Francisco de Goya - Witches’ Sabbath (detail)(1821-1823))

(Hypnotic seance - Richard Bergh, 1887)

(Lovis Corinth - Temptation of St Anthony)

(Vincent van Gogh - Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom, détail)
(Baptiste Debombourg - from the collection "Agony In The Garden")